Cost-Effective Marketing Database Solution

Database marketing service providers are notorious for charging excessive rates—often 7-figure annual costs—for a marketing database solution. Dovetail is different. The price of your marketing database solution is determined based on your needs. Not based on what the market will bear. Not based on the value of the marketing database to the client. Not based on what the sales guys say we can get. It’s simple. We take the time to thoroughly understand your needs, and then determine the price. This philosophy saves our clients valuable marketing dollars—typically a 40% savings from their current marketing database solution.

Dovetail never sacrifices quality or service to provide a marketing database solution at a low price. Dovetail takes a refined, disciplined approach when determining the price of a new marketing database solution. Without fail, the result is a competitive price for a first-rate marketing database solution that is supported by a dedicated staff providing impeccable service.

A cost-effective marketing database solution really does exist. For more information, contact us at