Exceptional Client Service

You need exceptional client service. How is this done? It starts by working with a database marketing service provider that has an organizational commitment to stellar service. Dovetail’s leadership team has been intact for over a decade. Individually and collectively, service is our single most important mission. Not sales. Not growth. Service.

As a flexible and nimble company, Dovetail is organized to provide outstanding service. Our senior staff is kept abreast of each client and any special needs that may arise. As necessary, they take an active role to support client marketing database solution needs. Each client is assigned a primary point-of-contact Client Relationship Manager as well as a back-up Client Relationship Manager. When you call Dovetail, you get a live person who is ready to provide immediate assistance. Client Relationship Managers are accessible by phone, email, IM, and text. To ensure exceptional communication between Dovetail and our clients, we meet quarterly or semi-annually in face-to-face meetings to keep up-to-date with current situations, upcoming changes, and needs. Dovetail’s Client Relationship Managers are not paid on commission. They are there for one reason: to service the client.

We support your marketing database solution, the marketing data that’s in it, and the database marketing software that accesses the marketing database. We work closely with you to keep your marketing database solution relevant and evolving as your direct marketing needs change. We are experts in your marketing data and the business rules that are applied in your marketing database. Your marketing database solution is kept actionable by outstanding service and application flexibility.

If you are talking to other companies about a marketing database solution, ask them for references. Ask them if you can talk to any client you choose. If the answer is no, it’s time to talk to Dovetail. To learn more about our marketing database solution and excellence in client service, contact us today at welcome@dovetaildatabase.com.

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