Email Marketing

Successful email marketing starts with Dovetail Email. A web-based application that empowers non-technical users to easily create, deliver and track graphically rich emails. Dovetail Email is fully integrated into the Dovetail marketing database solution—allowing users to seamlessly work between both applications. Dovetail Email includes a host of deliverability tools to ensure messages are hitting subscriber inboxes. In addition, we provide guidance to help our clients maintain the highest possible deliverability rates, email rendering and reputation.

Dovetail Email provides the following features and tools.

Content Creation
Dovetail Email supports users of all levels and HTML knowledge. Dovetail Email offers a wide variety of email creation options: step-by-step wizards, HTML paste emails, HTML paste templates and content syndication.

Real-Time Tracking
View critical elements such as email opens, click-throughs and undeliverables using the Dovetail Email tracking feature. You can also download and export lists based upon customer actions and send targeted follow-ups based on opens, click-throughs and more.

Survey Builder
Wizards guide you through the process of creating custom surveys and forms by compiling questions and answers that you define. Easily store and upload surveys and forms directly into your emails. Aggregate and individual responses are available online in real-time.

Forward to a Friend
Forward to a Friend allows you to leverage your existing subscribers to grow your list. Online tracking tools capture how initial recipients forwarded the email, how many individuals received those emails and the new subscribers generated from the campaign.

Reply Mail Management
Reply Mail Management helps cut through your responses and return only real customer requests and questions. Auto-replies and out-of-office replies are automatically deleted, unsubscribe requests are immediately processed and genuine requests for information can be answered immediately via an automated response that you create.

Dynamic Content
Leverage your valuable customer knowledge by dynamically personalizing email content based on data and behavior patterns. Generate unique content for each individual subscriber using business rules and appropriate content you define, the application does the rest.

Conversion Tracking
Track valuable data online by using Conversion Tracking to integrate seamlessly with your website. Track web visits per conversion link, revenue generated, detailed subscriber information including items ordered and dollars spent, critical drop-off points and more.

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