Fast Rollout Marketing Database Solutions by Dovetail

Database marketing services providers are known for over-promising and under-delivering. Unfortunately, marketing database solution rollout deadlines in our industry are routinely missed, can take a year or longer, and often the marketing database never really performs to initial expectations. Dovetail does things differently. We rollout on-time. Always, every time. Our typical implementation timeframe is 90 to 120 days and we have never had a failed marketing database implementation.

When Dovetail states the timeline for a rollout, you can count on it. We are so confident in our implementation timelines that we put it in writing. We will contractually commit to the rollout duration in the form of a SLA. A fast rollout marketing database solution is what you will get with Dovetail.

How can we be so confident? First, Dovetail is an expert in marketing database solutions.  Second, we focus multiple, senior, long-tenured personnel on each rollout to ensure that each marketing database solution gets the benefit of a seasoned implementation team. This approach has worked exceptionally well for the last 15 years.

We have a proven implementation process. It works. Fast. Every time. For more information contact us at